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Family-owned and operated, TrueShield Pest Control was founded in 2018 after owner Matt La Chappelle gained years of experience in the pest control industry.

What began as a commitment to care for our families, customers, and the environment has grown into a successful business that prioritizes building relationships with customers to provide the services they deserve. Offering residential and commercial pest control, we employ safe and effective methods, high-quality products, and years of expertise to deliver customized solutions to every pest problem. Our services come with a satisfaction guarantee because we always strive to do what’s best for our customers. To request your free inspection, contact us today.

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Choose TrueShield Pest Control for the pinnacle of customer service and pest management expertise. Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart

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We guarantee your complete satisfaction of our services. Our main focus is to ensure that your customer experience with us is always a positive one and that our treatments deliver the results you want. If pests return in between treatments, your TrueShield team will send a technician to inspect and perform the necessary treatments at no additional charge. We’re not happy until you’re happy, that’s the TrueShield promise.





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"I signed up for the service plan of 4 treatment for a year, 2 month ago, and am so glad I did. Matt fit me into his schedule immediately, understanding the importance of his service and how it impacts a family's life. My home has been spider and insect free ever since. I trust Matt and his company to come into my home. Choosing a Local Business for my services has turned out to be the best option for me and my family. I highly recommend you give Matt and TrueShield a try. You will be very pleased."

Robin Herzog

Salt Lake City, Utah

"TrueShield is hands down the best pest control company I have ever worked with. They're extremely professional, efficient and more thorough than any other company I've ever seen. They makes sure they get EVERYWHERE on every single visit, not just a quick spray and done, they take the time to really protect your home or place of business. PLUS they've helped us rid our yard of gophers! I struggled with them for over a year, within a few days of setting traps we'd cleared the yard, except a couple stragglers we got a couple weeks later. Haven't seen a mound or hole in months now thanks to TrueShield! I cannot recommend TrueShield enough!"

Brady Thompson

Riverton, Utah

"Matt is always excellent to work with. After calling a number of companies trying to deal with a viscous wasp problem and failing to deal with them myself, Matt kept at it even after killing one wasp species resulted in another more aggressive species moving in until he found the winning combination to rid me of the problem. He's gone above and beyond taking care of other pests in my yard and treating pest entry points for the house plus making it out to help with little notice when I start seeing the assorted pests moving back in. Today while taking care of yard work we saw a single yellow jacket nest starting and he was here right away from a text message to head it off. I'd highly recommend him to anyone with pest problems or looking to prevent pest problems."

Michael Warkentin

Riverton, Utah


Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions

Our pest control service prioritizes safety for your family and pets. All our products are rigorously tested and approved by national and state agencies for safe use in and around your home. We take no risks with your well-being. The only precaution necessary is to ensure that people and pets stay off the treated area until it is dry.

No, you do not need to vacate your home for our service. Our standard treatment procedures do not require you to leave before, during, or after the service.

While some pest pressures may diminish in winter, pests don’t simply disappear during colder months. If they did, we wouldn’t encounter spiders or insects at all! Many pests seek shelter indoors or in protected areas to survive the winter, while others remain active throughout the season, such as ants. Regular quarterly service is crucial to maintain consistent treatment and control pest populations, even during winter.

  1. Keep all vegetation well-trimmed; regularly maintain lawns to an appropriate height.
  2. Reduce clutter by keeping woodpiles, construction materials, and other debris away from the home.
  3. Maintain proper sanitation by regularly vacuuming, dusting, and sweeping indoors.
  4. Eliminate any standing water, both inside and outside your home.
  5. Reduce nighttime lights that attract insects; consider using yellow light bulbs, as they are less attractive to bugs.

For more personalized advice or additional suggestions, feel free to contact us via phone or email.

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